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Radial Saw - Capacitor problem???

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  • Radial Saw - Capacitor problem???

    Hi, my grandfather just gave me his radial arm saw. It is not working. I tried plugging it in but it kicks the circuit off at the GFCI outlet the first time and then at the breaker the second time i tried. My grandfather told me he believes the capacitor is the problem. It's a black capacitor with 124-149 MFD specs and 110 VAC and says "For Motor Starting". I'll do some testing but i'm not exactly sure how to know if the cap is bad. But with the saw killing the circuit, would that be a different problem?

    The two times i tried turning on the saw, nothing happened on the saw. No sound, no movement, no nothing. Just my garage lights went dim and then the circuit would kick off. Is this a symptom of a bad capacitor? Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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    Re: Radial Saw - Capacitor problem???

    remember to chekc the on/off switch. i rehabilitated a craftman RAS and one of its issues of light dimming and breaker trippiing was traced back to a faulty switch.
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