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Too Many Receptacles?

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  • Too Many Receptacles?

    I can't decide what to do. I have 3 bedrooms that I have put ALOT of receptacles in with 20AMP AFCI & 12-2NM-B cable. I have tried to locate a 2 gang box on either side of where I think beds will go. Would you count that as 2 receptacles for the calcultaing this so called 80% limit?

    I was going to wait until inspected and then add 2 more duplex receptacles that would be controlled from a second room lightswitch in a 2 gang box. So you could use either the can lights OR a switch controlled table lamp. (Can lights are on their own seperate circuit)

    So the master BDRM could end up with 14 to 16 duplex receptcles (2 of them switch controlled) on ONE 20 AMP AFCI Circuit.

    Do you think it would be questionable or fail inspection? Concensus here seems to be that technicaly there is no limit on receptacles for residential. Common sense tells me that not even half these receptacles would ever be in use at any given time. The cable runs are NOT long so that's not an issue.

    Should I put them in now or "break the law" later? Isn't the hole dang idea supposed to be about NO extension cords. They should be exstatic about all my receptacles.

    Forget about asking them about it. State run agency and sure as H not going
    to return any phone call to me about it!

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    Re: Too Many Receptacles?

    For starters you don't have an 80% code to follow. That is a diffrent code that does not pertain to you in this situation.

    Secondly, I wouldn't worry too much about the number of recepticles and I don't think any inspector will either. It is a bedroom, not a garage. You won't be plugging in loads of items in a bedroom like you would the garage.



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      Re: Too Many Receptacles?

      Unless there is a local admendment concerning the number of recepticales on a circuit, then you can have as many as you want.
      If you are under the 05 code, then the can lights must also be arcfault protected.