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New Wiring for Electric Baseboard Heater

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  • New Wiring for Electric Baseboard Heater

    I have a 3 Seasons Room Im working on turning into an office. Its insulated and could be comfortable with heating. I can't tap into the house heating because the house is on a slab it would be to difficult to do.

    I found baseboard heaters and it looks like a good idea. When I look at the options out there the only way to do this project seems to be to have an electrician come out and starts a new circuit from the breaker and then wire the heaters from there.

    Is there any way to wire new heaters from the circuit that is already run in the room?

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    Re: New Wiring for Electric Baseboard Heater

    Welcome to the forum.
    Short answer is No, unless you have a 240 volt circuit running to that room, which I doubt very much. For some quick help without waiting for a lot of people to jump in here, check out the "baseboard wiring question" in this forum below. Should answer a lot of your questions for you. Hope this helps. If it doesn't come on back and ask again. We've got a lot of good people willing to help out.
    Jim Don