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Yellow Jacket T-Slot Extension Cords

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  • Yellow Jacket T-Slot Extension Cords

    Woods makes Yellow Jacket extension cords which I use and like. I've read that they make heavy ones using 10-3 type SJTW cable and that the plug and connector are NEMA 5-20 rather than the common 5-15 type. My question is has anyone seen them for sale anywhere. I would like a 50 foot one, but haven't had any luck finding them for sale in my area. If you know of a good online dealer or a big chain store that does sell them please let me know. Thanks

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    Re: Yellow Jacket T-Slot Extension Cords

    Would you consider the Ridgid 10-3 SJTW extension cord? I think the connectors are 15A, but they are real heavy duty cords. I have a 50 footer and a 100 footer. They're not yellow, but Ridgid orange. Even better!!
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      Re: Yellow Jacket T-Slot Extension Cords

      I've seen the Ridgid ones. They have 15 Amp plug and connector. I really want 5-20 plugs and connectors that are factory installed on them. I've made up my own but the plug + connector (good ones) aren't cheap and especially with the rubber boots to keep water out.

      Woods catalog in .PDF format:

      See page 10. The 50 foot T-slot extension cord is #2991 and the 100 foot is 2992.
      On page 12 they show a 50 foot 10-3 with L5-20 twist lock plug and connector. It's #2822 if anyone is interested.
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