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romex color code wiring sketch

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  • romex color code wiring sketch

    This sketch show the existing wiring that the "old man" put in for the 220 v 20 amp curcuit in the garage. I have just install a new 30 amp outlet for my new 2 hp dust collector. I am a wood working hobbiest so this will only run a few hours a day, at a few days per month.

    Am I ok, or should I replace the existing wiring with a new 10 ga orange romex run?

    Thanks for the previous comments about tracing the 220 v curcuit.
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    Re: romex color code wiring sketch

    Usage has no bearing on the rating. 12/2 can only have a 20A breaker on it. If you want 30A in the garage you will need to run 10/2. If you are going through with the trouble of running new wire to the garage run 8/3 to a pony panel and then you can fuse it at 40A in the main panel, this will give you room for heat and tools in the garage.
    Are you sure you really need 30A for that DC? most 2HP 220V DC only require 9A.


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      Re: romex color code wiring sketch

      Look at your dust collector and see how many amps it draws. You might be fine with the existing wiring.