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Adding a bathroom in the basement

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  • Adding a bathroom in the basement

    I am considering adding a bathroom in my basement. I know the outlet(s) need to be GFCI protected but should I use a 20 Amp circuit for the outlet and power the lights from a circuit shared with other lights (provided it is not loaded more than 80%) or can I use a 15 Amp circuit for the vanity light, shower fan, and vanity outlet?

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    Re: Adding a bathroom in the basement

    You can do this bathroom 2 ways. 1. a single 20amp dedicated (or tied in with, if it's possible the other bathroom GFCI outlets - only. ONLY the outlets, nothing else.) circuit for the GFCI outlet. And then the lighting can be on another circuit, 15amp or 20amp picked up from somewhere else or a new line to the panel. or 2. You can just run the 1 circuit and do the entire bathroom on the 20amp (12awg) that's for the outlet. The outlet needs to be GFCI'd but the rest of the bathroom (providing there's no fan above the shower) does not have to be gfci protected. IF you do option 2, you can't add anything to that circuit that is NOT in the bathroom. So option 1, you need 2 circuits, 1 for gfi, and 1 from somewhere else for lighting (again, if there's a fan over the tub/shower area, then it needs to be gfci'd as well - breaker or some other way). Or 1 circuit for the whole room. Easiest way to normally do a bathroom that I've found is to run the 12/2 to the GFCI outlet, use a larger box (maybe a 4"square with a 1 gang ring on it) and then come from there to your switch boxes. This way if you do end up adding something over a tub/shower that needs to be gfi'd you can just put the wire feeding the lighting on the load side of the gfi and not have to add any other equipment.