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Apprenticeships in Canada necessary?

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  • Apprenticeships in Canada necessary?

    Hi everyone;
    I have a question for those members from Canada, in particular, Ontario. I'm interested in a career change of sorts, and would like to acquire my electrician's license. From what I've been able to determine, the only way to do this is through an apprenticeship. Is this correct? Is there a fast track way?
    I have been home renovations, including electrical, for the past 15 years. The changes to the laws in Ontario regarding renovators doing electrical work has partially prompted me, as well as a desire to expand my opportunities.
    At issue are two things; the income drop and finding a sponsor. I realise that apprentices are paid, but at what rate? Also, I am of the understanding that a company must have two Master Electricians for every apprentice. If this is correct then the opportunities in a city with a population of 117,000 (Kingston Ont.) must surely be limited.
    What would the best approach I should take to getting my license?

    Cheers, Mike

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    Re: Apprenticeships in Canada necessary?

    Yes you do need an apprenticeship in Ontario. I have had my inter provincial license for the past 25 years. Why should you be fast tracked because you have done residential wiring? It's not about a master license. It's a ratio of journeyman to apprentices. Someone in the electrical company must have a master's license. The law's in Ontario changed in 2007 & partially because of the "unlicensed" people operating home improvements & such business's.Your best bet would be to approach the IBEW. Good luck.


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      Re: Apprenticeships in Canada necessary?

      Thanks, sparkypresident. My concern was the timeline, plus the fact that I'm no a pimply teenager with no work experience whatsoever. I am going to send off my application to the Local and hope for the best. My concern is getting into "The Club"- I've heard stories of members families and buddies getting work, while others languish on the sidelines.