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Hey guys, this ok, right?

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  • Hey guys, this ok, right?

    Found this at a friend from churches house this week! This is outside, and was behind a plowed out piece of cedar siding! They have been finding lots of stuff like this I guess from the previous owners handy work. I'll take some more pictures this weekend to show you some other stuff I found. I snapped this with my cell just before the battery died. They ran up to a plastic exterior box, but no coupler on the bottom, just drilled a hole in it and run them into it. Plus, the black wire in the box was completely stripped bare in the box. The curcuit as well was not protected with a GFCI breaker or outlet. Its amazing no one was killed! But hey, he siliconed the couplers, that makes it safe right?
    Ya know, some people really shouldnt try and do thier own stuff. Yeah, there is a few than can, and there is no problem with that. Hell, I am not an electrician, but at least I know this aint right.
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