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Steam Generator Installation

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  • Steam Generator Installation

    Hi, I have following dilemma:

    I purchased Steam Generator unit. When I look at the connector board inside the Steam Unit, it says: G, A, B, N, L1, L2, L3.

    I have romex type cable: 8/3, copper, stranded. Wires are: black, red, white, and bare copper.

    In my service panel, I have 40 Amp, 2 pole, 220v, GFCI breaker with internal Neutral. That neutral is connected to the Bus. The breaker itself has following connectors: L1, L2, and Neutral.

    Now, here is my problem:

    Manufacturer suggest that I connect my elec. supply at the unit as follows: Bare Copper wire (ground) to G. A,B,N to be pig tailed and connected to black Load wire. L1, L2,L3 to be pig tailed and connected to red Load wire .

    The drawing that came with GFCI tells me that I make the following connection to the breaker: connect black wire to L1 connector, red wire to L2 connector and N (neutral) to the N connector.

    Here is my problem: there is NO place to connect my Neutral at the Steam Unit. It is used. The "N" is pig tailed with A and B and is connected to Load wire.

    Please help in plain terms. Thanks !!!
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    Re: Steam Generator Installation

    The machine is apparently intended for 3 phase hookup. Whether it can or can't be hooked up to 220V (dual/split phase) depends on the internal wiring.

    If the heaters etc. are intended for a triangle wiring (208V) the 220V hookup can't be used. If they are wired in the star fashion (120V) they can be hooked to 220V. But to give more precise info, an internal wiring diagram would be great... what brand/model?


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      Re: Steam Generator Installation

      If yor connection board is calling for L1 L2 and L3, that means you have a 3 phase machine and a simple 240v single phase service won't run it. You will need to change the motor to a single phase motor or use a phase converter. If there is no motor involved and it is a herting element, then maybe it will work as they say. I am assuming there is no motor involved if they told you to wire L1 L2 L3 together.


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        Re: Steam Generator Installation

        If the heater is all that needs 3 phases, AND it is star (wye) wired with Neutral in the center, you can hook it with 220V with Neutral in the intended spot... but you must know how.

        If it is wired for triangle (delta) fashion, 220V shouldn't be used... very likely not even for heating, because it will produce 33% extra heat and probably constantly trip the protection etc...

        ESPECIALLY if it is star wired, you must NOT IN ANY CASE hook it to 220V like told! This will double the element voltage and quadruple the power, most probably with disastrous results.


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          Re: Steam Generator Installation

          Ok, thank you for your output. I called the manufacturer and this is what they told me:

          My steamer can be connected as 120, 240 and 360 V

          They told me to do this:

          1. Connect ground to ground
          2. Remove the pre-installed jumper. Pig tail A,B,N. Connect Load1 wire to "A,B,N" pig tails
          3. Pig tail L1,L2,L3. Connect Load 2, to: L1,L2,L3 pig tails
          4. Don't use white (Neutral wire)

          What do you think, guys ? Is that correct. Don't want to burn my house down or the steamer itself...Thanks for your replies. Hamilton


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            Re: Steam Generator Installation

            I am sure the MFG'er knows what they are talking about when they tell you to connect ABN to L1 and L1 L2 L3 to L2 of the 240v. I sounds to me the heater has 3 windings and they are telling you to Parallel all 3 windings and connect to 240 single phase. This should work fine with no problem as they say, the only thing is that the heating capaility (time vs temp) will be different than with the 3 phase hookup, but it should work fine. It is only a heating element so it is not critial except for effienency.


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              Re: Steam Generator Installation

              This is getting interesting. An internal wiring diagram would be fun to have a look at.