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    I am wanting to run power from the main breaker in the house down to the barn. It's approximately 350 feet. I was thinking of putting a 60 amp sub-panel in the barn. I'll be running lights, air compressor, and various power tools (nothing industrial, just everyday use).

    My question is:

    What grade of underground wire should I be running?

    Is a 60 amp sub enough to run most common power tools, including a 1 hp tablesaw? I'll also have lights, water heaters and a microwave.

    Any help is much appreciated and thank you in advance

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    Re: Need help

    Your local Canadian code book should be able to help you on many of your questions, or talk to the local inspector, they should be able to give one the details that are in effect for your area, and the information you may need to guide you.

    I would suggest to run the wire in conduit, I have ran a lot of wire on my farm that was direct bury and wished later that I could pull it to add to the run or replace with a larger wire, also the conduit will give the wire more protection, than jsut direct bury.

    you will have to take into consideration on voltage drop, for the distance, for the gage of wire to run and the maximum the panel will be, (do a quick search for voltage drop calculators and you can get some idea of the gage of wire you will be needing),

    and to what size of panel is appropriate or minimal, 60 amp 240 volts is a lot of power, and should be able to do all the things you want to do, but one should do a load calculations and determine if it is adequate for your needs,

    I have no idea what your local codes are, and so to even attempt a recommendation would not be wise.
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