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  • Looking For Lighting Suggestions

    What would be the best type of lights for use in my basement shop? What I have now is a combination of regular light bulbs and a couple of halogen type shop lights. Is there some type of lighting that is better than others at minimizing or eliminating shadows?
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    Re: Looking For Lighting Suggestions

    My shop is in the garage where I have 10.5 foot ceilings but I use 48" fluorescent fixtures and plenty of them. In my 24 x 24 shop
    I have 10 of them plus a halogen mounted over the TS and various task lights at the BS and elsewhere. I found some decent ones at Lowes Made in the USA for about $24 each. I had put one of cheap $12 fixtures in there before I made the space into a shop. They were supposed to be cold start and all that but turned out they weren't all they were cracked up to be.

    My lights are not evenly spaced around the room in a grid pattern, they are placed to eliminate shadows at the work areas in the shop. SO if you look at the ceiling it appears kinda helter-skelter but actually it works great with no shadows. I have pull switches on each one so I can turn them on or off as I please. And they are all wired through a pair of 3-ways switches so I can turn them on from either entrance to the shop.

    Fluorescent fixtures being a broader light source than the point type lights (incandescent) you are using will create much softer shadows. Positioning of the lights will help to eliminate shadows cats on the work area too. If you mount the light directly above then every time you lean over the bench or tool to work you will be casting a shadow, so if possible mount them just off center on the side away from where you normally stand.
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      Re: Looking For Lighting Suggestions

      Bob has given you some good advice.

      One thing you can do is run the power to a box and then run BX to the lights(or even romex depending on the ceiling type). Leave enough extra wire so if you don't like the location of the light you can easily adjust it. If the ceiling is high you can hang the lights off chains at a lower height were you work.