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ok to wire a circuit like this?

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  • ok to wire a circuit like this?

    Just wanted to check if it's ok to put splits in a circuit like this or if it needs to be continuous run, i.e from outlet to outlet.

    I should note, I'm planing this in two places, on two different circuits, in two different places.

    The first will be just like in the picture with only outlets.

    The second will have a diswasher and garbage disposal on one run, halogen lights(track lighting) on a second run, range hood on a third run, and 2 GFI outlets on a the 4th. It will be a 15 amp circuit run with 14-2 wire.
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    Re: ok to wire a circuit like this?

    Nothing wrong with junction boxes as long as they are not buried behind drywall and you can get enough slack to get the wire into the box.
    My only concern is the planed load.
    Halogen lights consume a lot of power because there are usually many heads in a fixture. I like to see dish washers on there own circuit. A decent disposal unit is 3/4 HP and requires 8 amps under load, more on startup so having them on a separate circuit is not really overkill could go on with the range hood. Usually gfi's and the other products you mention would mean that the plugs are likely on the kitchen counter wall. If that is the case they should be on there own circuit and split receptacles


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      Re: ok to wire a circuit like this?

      To add to what wbrooks said, if you are in the states, then the counter outlets must be on a 20 amp circuits, and you must have 2 of them.


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        Re: ok to wire a circuit like this?

        Can't say about where you are but here in where I am you really need to have a private 20 Amp. circuit for a dishwasher and another for the disposer with nothing else on them. Anymore dishwashers have water and air heaters. This makes them pretty heavy loads. Disposers may have up to 1 HP motors. Be sure to install a private 20 Amp. circuit and use a heavy duty 20 Amp. rated switch for it. Be sure the switch also has a 1HP motor rating. Typical residential grade single pole switches burn up the contacts pretty fast with a 1/2 HP motor load.
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