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Can anyone help - I've got no lights!

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  • Can anyone help - I've got no lights!

    Just put a new lightbulb in one of the bedrooms and all the upstairs lights have gone off. None of the fuses have blown or tripped. Can anyone help with ideas of where we can look for the problem.



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    Re: Can anyone help - I've got no lights!

    Are you sure none of the breakers have tripped? Sometimes, the reset arm on the breaker does not move much. Turn the breaker to the light circuit fully off and then back on.

    If the lights are on a circuit with a GFI (Ground Fault Interruption) outlet in it, the GFI could have popped. The outlet is probably in the bathroom (in the US), and has one or two little square button(s) between the places where the plugs are plugged into it. Push in the square button. Fuses can also sometime not look blown when they in fact are, especially the slo-blow kind. Also try replacing the fuse if it is a fused circuit.

    If that does not work, you should call someone who is experienced in electrical work to come look at it. Make sure your smoke detector has a good battery in it.

    Beings you are in the UK, your electrical codes and wiring designs may be quite a bit different than here in the US, so you really need advice from someone familiar with your country's wiring..

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      Re: Can anyone help - I've got no lights!

      Thanks Go. Done all that with no luck and now it sounds like I need to get someone in! Bang goes my spending money for Disney!