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  • Wanted - Special Lamps

    I know that Osram-Sylvania no longer makes them and so far I haven't found any stock at GE or Philips distributors either.

    I'm in need of 300R/FL3 flood lamps

    300 Watts 120, 125 or 130 Volts

    R40 envelope and a pretty wide angle flood pattern

    Mogul (large) base

    Does anyone know of a place that has lots of N O S of lighting products?

    Also I'm trying to find stock of 25 Watt, 12 Volt light bulbs with medium base and A19 envelope. They would look like a regular 25 - 100 Watt light bulb if you saw one. Clear, frosted or white coated are all fine.

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    Re: Wanted - Special Lamps

    no luck on the first but try Newark for the A19 lamps. I found two so far but they are both rough service.
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      Re: Wanted - Special Lamps

      Thanks Bob

      I would never think of NEWARK for this item but I see they do have them. The #03M1769 should serve my needs fine. A friend needs them for use in his RV for night lighting. Sometimes auto parts stores or Home Depot has 50 Watt of the same 12 Volt light bulbs.

      When it comes to electronics items, I have ordered lots of goodies form Newark and Allied too.

      Ut Oh --- I see there is about a 3 month lead time shown on the Newark site. He needs them sooner but thanks anyway. I may get a small stock of extras to keep on hand for power failures and such.


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        Re: Wanted - Special Lamps

        After prowling around and running GOOGLE searches I found what I need.

        The large reflector flood lamps don't come cheap but then they never were cheap. I'm glad to have found them.

        Here is the 25 Watt 12 Volt A19 type lamp (light bulb) I had in mind. They have 12 Volt ones in 25 and 50 Watts and 24 Volt in 25 Watts. The first one on this page is what I need.

        This place called 1000 Bulbs has loads of lamps of many kinds and a huge selection of Compact Fluorescent lamps if anyone needs them.


        I like that most items are sold by the each so I don't have to buy carton lots.