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Adding another 240v line

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  • Adding another 240v line

    Wondering if anyone can help. I have a 80amp sub-panel. I already have one 30amp 240v line for my air compressor, but wondering if its possible to add another 240v for a window a/c heater combo. It says 20amps on the unit. And 20amps for the lights and 20 amps for plugs. What can i do?

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    Re: Adding another 240v line

    How many spaces are left in the feeder? When you say the unit, I take it you're talking about the heater/ac unit combo requiring 20 amps. Is this correct? And what are you referring to for the plugs? Receptacles/outlets for a particular room? And lights for a particular room? Please elaborate. The 240 volt heater/ac unit is going to require a 20-amp two pole breaker and you need to feed it with 12-3 w/g. The black is one hot, the red is the other hot, the white is the neutral and the bare is the ground. Then you should be good to go.
    Jim Don


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      Re: Adding another 240v line

      Sorry about that, the unit is a wall mount ac/heater, it says on the specs (Circuit Breaker Rating 250V - 20A) but i was not sure because i thought they had to be on a two pole 30amp breaker. All 7 receptacles in the garage are on a 20amp single pole, and all 5 lights in the garage are on a 20amp single pole. Then the compressor on a two pole 15amp breaker. All being feed by a 80 amp subpanel. The subpanel has 4 spaces. With a 30amp side car for the compressor. Reason for the extra box is the box is a GE and lowes did not have a two pole 15amp breaker. If I am able to safely add the heater/ac without tripping a breaker then I will buy a biger subpanel to accomendat everything. Also will it be safe to run the compressor and heater/ac at the same time. Thanks


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        Re: Adding another 240v line

        The 80 Amp feed to the sub-panel should handle the loads fine. You would do well to get a 12 or 16 space replacement breaker panel (Load Center) to replace the small one you currently have. If you can, try to match brand and type with your main one in your house.

        Please do yourself and family a huge favor and have a good licensed electrician check over all of your electrical service and then discuss your future needs. You need to have everything proper and safe. If not and disaster strikes insurance companies refuse to pay when work was done by a DIYer.
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