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UPS battery back up question

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  • UPS battery back up question

    Not really an "electrician type question" but I'll use the word
    "electricity" in my question.

    The concept of a typical UPS battery back up system is to provide
    a short period of AC "electricity" to allow you to shut down a computer or
    home theater without damaging it.


    I notice Best Buy has a "Geek Squad" 1500va rated UPS system.
    This seems to be very similar to a 1500va unit made by Cyberpower, just
    repackaged for Best Buy.

    As I read their specs I notice they have something called "AVR"
    They define this as auto voltage regulation.
    Does this mean if my 120VAC "electricity" fluctuates say 108-125VAC will the output
    remain 120VAC?????
    The available literature really does not explain this in any detail.
    A telephone call to the Geek Squad ..well, is a waste of time!

    So for those of you "electricians" using a UPS on your computer or home theater, I'd appreciate any comments to suggestions
    The only criteria is it must be rated at 1500va

    The reason for 1500va is headroom I only need about 1345VA

    Cactus Man

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    Re: UPS battery back up question

    Yes, AVR will boost a low voltage and clip or reduce a high voltage and should limit power to within a safe band of +/-5%. Spikes or surges should be clamped/dampened and brown out or periods of low voltage which can also damage components will receive a boost from the battery and inverter in the UPS.
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      Re: UPS battery back up question

      I use a tripp power conditioner at the church on the sound equipment and it ups and downs the voltage automatically and has saved the sound board, as the town has very poor voltage regulation and we burnt up one sound board in the past to low voltage,
      and I would guess that is what that means as well,
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        Re: UPS battery back up question

        Well, I returned the ups at Best Buy for an exchange as it did not regulate the output voltage as the specs indicated.
        I suspect a product repackage back on the shelf; as the new one had the clear plastic
        wrap covering the LCD display.

        The exchange went without incident but I did request their in house geek test the AVR
        function by using a variac...

        Now 20 minutes later I was given the unit and was told is works fine. I have no clue what they did and they were not sharing that. It was obvious though, they did pull the UPS from the box.

        Back home I set it up and it seems to be running just fine. I'm using this for my Amateur Radio Station [KA7GKN] I have an expensive radio an Icom 7700 for you Ham folks.
        The entire station including clocks and non Ham radio stuff uses around a maximum of 950VA. That is running 200W of RF power. So lots of head room! I also have a linear amp but that runs on 240VAC............

        What brought this all about was my line voltage was bouncing all over the place. from 85VAC to over 135VAC!!!! I had the power company come out and they verified my fears..I have a bad/corroded/burnt neutral! The electric meter base is a 600VAC 3 wire 4 jaw design..typical 200Amp home owner service..but mine is over 42 years old and needed replacement.

        The neutral terminal was obviously cracked and the neutral wire to the breaker panel was
        corroded and burnt. The jaws for the meter and service were also worn and loose.

        I have no problems doing the repair myself however, homeowner's insurance is not happy with that process. So, I have a licensed electrician, and power company guy coming out next Tuesday to replace the innards of the old unit and have it inspected. I anticipate loss of power maybe 30 minutes. Not replacing the box means immediate turn on of power by the power company guy! If we replace the original box then we need a city inspector
        lots of work to pull the old one out two days of no power etc etc....If the power company is happy then so am I!

        Now I'm doing my part too..I located a "reliable and experienced" father and son small business to ensure they have work! License, bonded, good references and fair prices!

        To save time he may even let me remove the new base from the new box so he can install it into the old box! No union here so I can do that ha ha.

        A few more comments about the geek squad 1500VA UPS battery back up unit. I suspect this is a repackage for Best Buy by Cyber Power. They have a unit with exactly the same specifications and slightly more money. The obvious differences are the case, logos, and the Best Buy has a yellow LCD display while the Cyber power's is a blue LCD display.

        Thank you to those that replied.

        Cactus Man


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          Re: UPS battery back up question

          Sounds like you have your problem under control.

          I am suprised they even knew what a variac was
          let alone had one there to test the new UPS with.

          "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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