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underground wire size & type

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  • underground wire size & type

    I want to put a 100 amp box in my barn. 70' is in the crawl space and 100' is outside underground. what size wire should I use and what type?

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    Re: underground wire size & type

    do a quick search for "voltage drop calculator" there are many on the net, and you will put in a few lines of info voltage, length, type of wire, and so on, and click the button and it will give one an idea, of the wire size, but the best way is talk to your inspector, and work with him, on the job, as if it is in conduit and the wire type and so on can make some differences, after you get an Idea run it buy your electrical inspector and see if he agrees.

    Run it in a conduit if possile it may save you much problems in the future,
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