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    Hello America
    from Australia (down under)
    I am seeking some assistance to locate the company listed below.
    I have one of their GFCI test meter model 1021, the voltage function is not working
    So I am trying to locate the company to possible obtain a circuit diagram so I may repair it
    So has anyone any idea of this Company current address
    Thanks for your time & effort
    Regards Victor

    Ecos Electronics Corp
    205 Harrison Street
    Oak Park Il 60304-1599 United States

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    Re: Location

    This is all I could find. You are saying it is not current?

    Company Name:Ecos Electronics Corp
    Address:205 Harrison St Location:Oak Park, IL 60304-1599 United States

    Phone No:708-383-2505
    Fax No:708-383-2137
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      Re: Location

      Don't know where they are today, but this article about their lawsuit is interesting:


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        Re: Location

        Thanks for your assistance this the address I have at present.
        Yes the court case may be why they a no longer arround!