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    got a gate opener @ the supply center that my journyman and myself go to almost daily, the west gate opens and closes perfectly but the east gate gets all its signals but wont open or close the gate. i turned the timer all the way to zero, but the thing that got us stupped us is we had 120v but when my boss took the 120 to ground nothing happend, no spark no arc nothing. anyone got and idea what might be happening cause im outa ideas.

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    Re: gate opener

    verify the main gate is the master and the secondary gate is set to slave.

    i have a gate opener that is a mechanical wonder. 1 opener does a set of bypass rolling gates.

    one gate is 2x faster than the other and they close at the same time.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: gate opener

      everything is set master and secondary on the gate, but when we tried to energize the motor my voltage went from 120 to 5. i forgot to mention that my input and output runs thru a circiut board and i belive that is were the problem is but i cant figure the 120 but no current issue.