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Cricuits in Single Conduit

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  • Cricuits in Single Conduit

    I support CNC machine tools in a production facility. I have two 480 V 3Ph circuits to run approx 200ft from the electrical panel. One circuit is 70Amp the other 30Amp. Can I run both of these circuits in a single conduit? Taking into account my supposed voltage loss, what would be the best sized conductors for these circuits?

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    Re: Cricuits in Single Conduit

    there are many voltage drop calculators on the net,

    and here is a simple to use conduit fill calculator,

    some depends on how much voltage drop one is willing to deal with, in that distance,

    and if you do a web search there are many more voltage drop calculators and conduit fill calculators,

    one thing it may be better to use a size larger conduit than jsut the mimum size that will meet codes, for either future needs or jsut to make the pull easier,
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