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Wanted: Lower Wattage Baseboard Heaters

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  • Wanted: Lower Wattage Baseboard Heaters

    Most 240 Volt baseboard heaters run at about 250 Watts per foot and that means they get pretty hot. I'm trying to find lower Watt density baseboard heaters where when run on 240 Volts AC they would have a Watt density in the range of 175-200 Watts per foot. I know they are made, but does anyone know which brands to look into? I really don't want to pay big $$$ for something special. If I can find a good brand (NO way to TPI crap) in 277 Volt baseboard heaters that are affordable that would work for my needs. So far I haven't had much luck.

    Please note that I am not going to invest in a Voltage bucking transformer. I plan to run them on full Voltage but want them to get warm but not so darn hot as most run.

    They will be controlled by a 2 pole line Voltage thermostat. These are for residential use so I don't need ultra tuff bomb proof super commercial grade heaters, but I do not want junk either.

    I'm beyond sad and very angered that MARKEL heaters are now very junked up thanks to TPI hogging up MARKEL. GRRRRRR
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    Re: Wanted: Lower Wattage Baseboard Heaters

    Indeeco makes low watt density (200W/ft) electric baseboard in various lengths and voltages. They are commercial units though. Have you considered electric hydronic baseboard heat? They have more even heat and don't get quite so hot. I haven't seen low watt density residential electric baseboard heat except for ceramic element types in a while. I'm assuming you are after L.W.D. units because of the lower surface temperature and not for any cost savings from usage of electricity.


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      Re: Wanted: Lower Wattage Baseboard Heaters


      Good thoughts

      I do want them because of lower surface temps and also draft issues that the 250 Watt/foot heaters produce. I'm sure over time I'll find something. I think Q-Mark (maybe) makes commercial grade in 277 Volts and on 240 Volts that would help. As for $$$ that has to be found out.