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Static electricity or bad wiring?

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  • Static electricity or bad wiring?

    hello all.

    the other day i was heating up some water on a hot plate.

    when i checked the temperature of the water a spark jumped between my finger and the water.

    up here in Canada's arctic, we get very little precipitation and the climate is very, very dry.

    it's not unusual to see st. elmo's fire when the bed blankets are moved around. i'm not joking.

    also, some houses up here are more prone to dicharges when a person flips a light switch. for little children this can be painful. believe me, the spark can be quite big.

    i guess my question is, is a spark to water normal?

    thanks in advance.


    the plug end on the hot plate has three prongs and yes, it's made in china

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    Re: Static electricity or bad wiring?

    Its never happened to me... but lightening does strike in the ocean and swimming pools. I doubt that it came from the hot plate.
    Were you wearing shoes?


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      Re: Static electricity or bad wiring?

      Of course it could easily be and most likely was a static discharge. Likely your body had built up a positive charge from the dry air, and when you went to put your finger in the water, those positive electrons jumped to the water that was in a metal pan on a grounded appliance.



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        Re: Static electricity or bad wiring?

        thanks for the quick responses.

        i don't recall if i was wearing runners.

        in all the years i've lived up here, i've never been shocked by water.

        i know that a humidifier would help reduce the static build-up, but humidifiers create problems up here.




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          Re: Static electricity or bad wiring?


          To help you breath better you really should add humidity to the air. You can just set out large tubs of water and let the evaporate. Just be sure to keep them cleaned out well.