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Wiring Question - Renter mad a Change

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    Re: Wiring Question - Renter mad a Change

    Originally posted by papadan View Post
    Why would the tenant do anything more than unhook the light and reattach the same black, white, and green wires to the new fan?
    I'm assuming that the tenant replaced the switch with a fan control? I'll bet that the power to the hood and the feed were both stacked on the "upstream" terminal of the switch to begin with rather than being tied in the back of the box with a jumper going to the switch. It would be pretty easy for your tenant to get mixed up that way. What's mind boggling is that someone can install a ceiling fan but can't figure out how to fix that. Probably evidence of extraordinary laziness.

    It does make one wonder what else is going to be messed up in that unit...
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      Re: Wiring Question - Renter mad a Change

      Originally posted by breid1903 View Post
      a lot of people are scarred $hitless of electricity. they kill the branch, then the main, then remove wires from switch. then shake and sweat as they work. lol. breid
      I managed to trip a GFI in my son's room a few weeks ago. 5 milliamps is still a memorable shock.