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Ground Jump Wire

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  • Ground Jump Wire

    I have my truth in housing inspection tomorrow and need to install my jump wire that runs from water meter to panel. I know how to do this but cannot find the code that says what gauge of copper wire to use....I think it is either #4 or #6. Does anyone know the code for the city of Minneapolis. Thanks.

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    Re: Ground Jump Wire

    How many amps is your service? #6 up to 100 Amps, #4 up to 200 Amps. The wire must be continuous from the panel to the water meter and the jumper to the other side of the water meter.


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      Re: Ground Jump Wire

      Well, the Code article that says the bond must be done is 250.52.A.1

      However, there is a table in Article 250.66 that dictates what size "Grounding Electrode Conductor" for each size of Service Entrance Conductors. Also, it depends on if you have copper or aluminum conductors to determine what size ground wire to use.

      You might be able to read the size on either the outer jacket or you might have to open up the panel and take a look. Tell us what size the entrance wires are, and then we can figure it out. It's simply a matter of looking it up.