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Basement wiring

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  • Basement wiring

    Is there any code for what type of wire to run in a basement?

    Not the size, just type.

    Does all of it need to be the yellow jacketed type? Or is that only for a basement that is totally below grade.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Basement wiring

    Local codes may vary, but typically that "yellow" wire you refer to is called ROMEX. It usually can be used in basements with typical wood construction. If you use metal studs, you must put a plastic bushing in the holes in the metal studs first. That wire comes in 3 different outside covering colors. The colors of the wire identify the wire size at a glance. If the wire is new, say more than 5 years young, the color code is this. #14 wire is white. #12 wire is yellow, and #10 wire is orange. If the wire is older, it is all white and could be any of the 3 sizes. Then you have to look at the stampimgs on the wire. The color coding mde it easy for the electricinas when fumbling around in the truck looking foir a certain wire among many rolls, ands also for the inspectors to see the right size wire was used. SO depending on what you are doing you will used any one of the 3 colors. When I wire basements I usually make the outlets #12 wire and lighting #14.


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      Re: Basement wiring

      Thanks for the response.

      You answered exactly what I was looking for.