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GE whole house Suppressor

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  • GE whole house Suppressor

    Hello all,

    Can anyone tell me the physical dimensions of the GE THSASURGE60 whole house surge suppressor? Also, for those of you who have bought this model where have you bought it?



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    Re: GE whole house Suppressor

    Looked for the dimensions, didn't find the spec sheet other than its clamping power on the GE site. It mounts just outside the panel and appears to be around 4" square and possibly 2 deep. Are you limited in space outside the panel? Looks like others have bought at Lowes. Check Home despot too -- price will be lower there. Also Menards, since you're in Wisconsin. If not, any decent electrical supply house should have that for you. Remember, needs a double pole breaker tied together. Cheers,
    Jim Don (In Appleton)


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      Re: GE whole house Suppressor

      This .PDF file may be helpful but it doesn't state dimensions. From the pictures it does look to be pretty small and I doubt over 4 x 4 x 3 deep.

      As for where to buy it or similar, Jim has the idea. Check electrical supply houses and places like Home Depot and Lowes.
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