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bonding of swimming pool

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  • bonding of swimming pool

    I need to bond my pool pump to my above ground swimming pool wall (coated steel).

    I know I need to run a #8 solid copper wire from the provided screw on the pump to the pool wall. There's an aluminum bar bolted to the seam in the steel wall of the pool; I need to connect the bonding lug here.

    My question is how can I avoid the galvanic reaction between the copper lug on the #8 bonding wire and the aluminum bar on the pool wall?

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    Re: bonding of swimming pool

    any way to get brass clamp in between?


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      Re: bonding of swimming pool

      You can use dielectric grease, Ox-guard is from Gardner Bender, to put on the wire and the lug connection. Used all the time to connect copper lugs to aluminum wire and halt the galvanic reaction and keep the connection from loosening up. Is a great thing to have around for lubing up all sorts of electrical connections. Cheers,
      Jim Don
      PS. It says right on the tube that it is for AL to CU connections.


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        Re: bonding of swimming pool

        this sounds perfect..
        Hopefully I can find some dielectric grease in a local "big box".


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          Re: bonding of swimming pool

          Keep in mind, if you are attempting to do this to 2008 NEC, and it is a permanent pool (over 42" wall height and non inflatable side walls) then you also need to run a solid #8 18-24 inches from the inside wall of the pool, 4-6 inches deep all the way around the circumfrence of the pool, bonding to the pool walls and pump as well. Also you need to have 9 square inches of metal in direct contact with the water to bond the water as well.

          2008 NEC made some huge changes to section 680. 680.26 is a world of trouble for installing pools.

          I just did one in Grand Chute Jim, the inspector had no idea what he was looking at. The new 680 had him confused to heck, he was impressed I knew what to do.