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replacing wall oven

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  • replacing wall oven

    Hello Guys,

    new to the forum, but I am stuck in replacing a wall oven for the electrical part of it.

    I am going from a 30" oven to a 27 " oven and the wiring comming out of the new one is a lot smaller than my old one. The breaker is currently 30 amps x 2.

    my questions: should I reduce the amperage of the breaker

    There is a panel in the wall behind the oven, is this where I connect the wiring of the new oven?

    is it ok to have wiring which is over speced from that wall back to the circuit breaker?


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    Re: replacing wall oven

    Circuit breakers are to protect wiring not devices. No reason to change anything assuming the same voltage and neutral requirements. Just disconnect the old oven and connect the new one to the same wires.


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      Re: replacing wall oven

      i will open by saying that i am not an electrician. however, i have done all my own 110v, 220v and three phase wiring over the past 10 years. you are dealing with a 220v, 60 amp circuit. a mistake with that voltage isn't going to just make you tingle , like an errant 110v shock will. given the fundamental nature of your questions, and i never thought i'd ever say this, you might be well advised to have an electrician handle the wiring. watch him and learn for the next time. better safe than sorry.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: replacing wall oven

        just go head and make the conections, having over speced wire will provide less elecrical resistance (Ohms) and operated at a lowwer temperature