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Ceiling fan housing getting hot while on

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  • Ceiling fan housing getting hot while on

    I just noticed this last night, I have a ceiling fan, probably a fairly standard Hunter one, that seems like the motor gets really hot while operating. There's a metal screw-on piece that holds the glass lamp cover, and one of the fan's control chains comes out of that. Right there is where I feel a lot of heat coming off it.

    Otherwise, the fan seems to work fine. Should I be concerned enough about this to contact my home's builder? (house is still under warranty).

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    Re: Ceiling fan housing getting hot while on

    is that the light fixture where the chain comes out?
    if so is the light fixture on?
    could it be the bulb in the fixture getting hot?
    maybe too big of a wattage bulb?
    just looking at some options to the problem.
    it is not unordinary for a fan motor to get hot while in operation,excessive heat most generally is from the bulbs being high wattage.