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Full *** workmanship - death trap

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  • Full *** workmanship - death trap

    You got to see this to believe it. The person behind this work really should be zapped in an electric chair. OK, Maybe given a good whipping would work. Whatever is done to this ***** it's got to really inflict some pain. Think of the victims of this kind of work.
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    Re: Full *** workmanship - death trap

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    It's an old service back in the days of Knob and Tube. Course being in California, it doesn't suprise me in the least that it's been messed with a few times, as long as it's ALOT cheaper than replacing the service altogether.

    This reminds me of an old two-family built around the 1920's. We get a job for a service upgrade, when we arrived, we discovered that the building did not have one thing touched for the electrical, right down to the service and branch circuits. Course seeing number tens poke out of the weatherhead from the mast was one thing, but to see a vintage service still in use was quite another. We took pictures of it and everything. Personally, I was rather impressed with the workmanship, and I believed that we really shouldn't touch the circuits at all. Instead just add laundry circuits for the basement and nothing else. But rules were rules, so we had to cut the K & T wiring back as far as we could and replace with romex.


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      Re: Full *** workmanship - death trap

      Living in an older town I see a fair bit of this stuff although nothing quite as ugly as the video. Mostly improper add ins like aluminum to copper that is now corroding and causing fires or adding AC and since there are no more circuits in the panel why not just add it in parallel with the stove


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        75 years old

        it's older than me. once up on a time fuses, knife switches, light switches where surface mounted. they worked fine. most that i changed out were because customer wanted breakers. junior only touched them once. if he yelped, he got his butt beat for trying to destroy the house. the old stuff was made of copper, brass and porcelain. now it's some wonder metal that doesn't last 10 years, sometimes. wonder metal is cheaper than copper. if you don't believe me, go to supply house and price both. breakers are a lot safer for customer to use. i've used both, i like breakers. breid