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Pipe threading oiler 418 leaking

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  • Pipe threading oiler 418 leaking

    Hey guys, i'm new here, I have a question about the 418 oiler.
    Is it common for these to start leaking?

    We already threw one out because it was the metal older type and nothing we did could fix the leak.
    Now one of the newer type one's is leaking and i'm wondering if there is a gasket kit or something to fix it.


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    Re: Pipe threading oiler 418 leaking

    Hi Steve, and welcome to the forum.

    Where is the 418 leaking? There is a fitting that swivels on the side of the bucket. It has an O-ring on the inside face to seal while allowing the fitting to swivel. If it is leaking around this area, make sure that the nut inside is tight. it should be fully tight, as the fitting is stepped to provide the proper fit on the bucket.

    Is it leaking at the hose or at the fitting that screws into the swivel? If so, clamp the hose tight or dope/tape the 45 degree fitting and screw it in again.

    Other than that, there's nowhere to leak with the new design. I have personally drug one of them around the shop with a weight in it, banging into things as I went, and couldn't get it to leak.

    Hope that helps,
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