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  • Stuck before starting

    I want to run speaker wires and network cable for my living room, which belongs to a 1-story, 3-year-old house. From reading the forum, I'll need a fish tape among various other tools. I'll starting from the current cable-TV outlet wall plate with the fish tape, up the wall, to the attic to pull the speaker wires down to the starting location. Then, I'll run the wires into four corners of the living room, then drop them to where I want to situate the speakers. The wall, where the rear speakers are to be located, faces the elements on the other side. The remaining walls are all interior.

    I am concerned that this isn't going to work because the fish tape is going to get stuck behind horizontal framing 2x4s between the vertical studs. Am I correct?

    There isn't a way to run the wires horizontally because there are two doors flanking the wall where the TV is located.

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    Re: Stuck before starting

    you need a "versa bit" they sell them at h.d. and are a long flexible drill bit made fro drilling down walls. they also have a small hole in the bit designed to pull back a string/ wire when exiting to allow for the fishing of your wires.

    there is a placement tool that will aide in the placement of the bit into the center of the fire block.

    the bits come in different sizes. both length and diameter.

    a 5' x 7/16'' wood bit is a good choice.

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      Re: Stuck before starting

      Also, have fun fishing a line UP the wall, as the tape will most likely curve on you. There is a better tool out there called "fish sticks" (I'm serious here), that are flexible enough to go around things, but stiff enough to stay straight.

      Basically, the tools you need to fish through a wall with blockers are:

      A four foot flex bit

      A set of fiberglass fish sticks

      And optional, but very helpful when guiding a flex bit, Ridgid's seesnake.

      That little toy is pricy, but damn it helps me keep the flex bit in the middle of the blocker, rather than end up through a customer's plaster wall!


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        Re: Stuck before starting

        You've got to get in the attic anyway, so why fight pushing the fish UP the wall cavity?

        Go in the attic and run the fish DOWN to the wall opening at your source point (TV/Home Theater). Then attach your speaker wires and pull them UP to the attic. Now you can make each individual run to the individual drops to each speaker.
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          Re: Stuck before starting

          Thanks for all your input so far.

          I looked around HD's website. I think this is what you guys are talking about above: A Klein Tools Flex Bit Auger 3/4 In. x 72 In. I can't find a 7/16" bit. 3/4" diameter might give me more room since I plan to run 12 gauge speaker wires.

          I also think I know what tailgunner is talking about. I saw these fish sticks at Harbor Freight. They are somewhat stiff, but flexible, and come in 3-4 foot sections that can be attached together for length extension. Click here.

          Bob, I thought about your suggestion. That might be the best route of tackling this project. I briefly surveyed my attic. It's full of particle insulation up there. I can't see any of the ceiling framing studs, except for those running down from the roof.

          The seesnake is a cool gadget!


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            Re: Stuck before starting

            before you get too deep into this one, you might want to try this trick. Go up into the attic and check to see if you can run your fish tape, or if you've bought them, the fiberglas fish sticks, down, alongside the chimney. A lot of times, there is a small void right alongside the chimney (I've seen all four sides open so you could drop a screwdriver down) which you could use as a chase for your speaker wires. Drop them into the basement from where you are starting and then run them up to the attic via the chimney chase. From there you can drop them down into any room you'd like. Just a thought. It has worked many times for me.
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              Re: Stuck before starting

              Jim, thanks for the idea. My fireplace is right next to where the TV is located. To better illustrate, I made this SketchUp model of my living room and export to 2D view. None of the A/V plate exist right now. Also, my house didn't come with a basement.

              Oh, I am at the planning stage right now. It's my vacation time so I am doing some home improvement and some woodhacking.
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