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Southwire No-Lube THHN

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  • Southwire No-Lube THHN

    I just pulled three #6 and one #8 at my friend's place (spa install, he knows I've done a couple so he asked if I could help) in a 3/4 pvc conduit with a full 360 degrees of bends. And 6 feet of liquidtite on the end of the run. With no lube. I did heat bend one of the 90 degree bends rather than use a pre-bent piece, just to make the pull easier. Shouldn't have bothered. Didn't even need any help pushing at the feed end.

    This is the second time I've used this Southwire "no-lube"stuff. I expected the pull to be do-able, but it amazes me at how easy it is. You gotta try this wire. What am I gonna do with that huge bottle of slime?

    He paid $.62 a foot for the #6 at home depot. How's that compare to the electrical supply houses?