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  • Flickering lights

    I have two linked recessed lights in my kitchen that are linked to two switches on opposite sides of the room. One light flickers. I checked all the connections and they're tight. I changed the bulb to a lower wattage. The other light does not flicker. It's on a 15 amp circuit and is connected to other lights throughout the house. They don't flicker. I don't think it is tied to an excessive load on the circuit because i have watched it flicker when all other lights/appliances are off. But I'm not entirely sure of this. If the flicker is related to excessive load, would only one light flicker and not an identical recessed can right near it? Any idea to help me check/resolve the issue would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Flickering lights

    Watertown huh? Springfield here.

    One idea I can think of, and I will stress EXTREME CAUTION with this, with the recessed cans off, you can try using a plastic utensil to pull the light socket tab out a little to make better contact with the bulb.

    If that doesn't help, then maybe there is a problem inside on of the recessed cans' built in junction boxes. Last resort of course is that there might be a problem with the breaker itself.

    How far is Watertown from Springfield anyway? If only to consider taking a ride out to see for myself?


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      Re: Flickering lights

      "flickering" or blinking recessed fixtures could indicate excessive heat build up i.e; if the can is in an insulated ceiling, even an IC rated fixture, and especially a non-IC unit, need "breathing room" meaning clearance to insulative material-check manufacturer specs for this.


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        Re: Flickering lights

        try the things tailgunner suggested, and i have even seen the wires that are connected to the socket become loose connections where they are riveted to the socket. also can lights have a thermal overload protection in them, it is possible it could be going bad. hope this helps.