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ID some under cabinet lighting

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  • ID some under cabinet lighting

    I'm dealing with my friends new condo correcting her lighting situation. Replacing single light fixtures with you know ones that provide light. Taking a look at the kitchen she the entirety of the lighting provided was 3 4inch recessed lights and 2 pendants. I may need to add a few recessed lights but am hoping to avoid it. One thing I thought was maybe some under cabinet lighting.

    To my amazement when I looked under the cabinets there are 2 boxes for some type of under-lighting system. I could not find any name on them. The boxes are white plastic ,3/4" deep, 2" wide and maybe 8 inches long attached to the underside of the cabinets. They are wired in and have a socket for some type of flat 3 prong connector on each end of the box. The connectors have a safety cap in them. The only identifying mark on them was a symbol that reminded me of a USB symbol.

    I left a message with the builder a week ago and he hasn't gotten back to me. If anyone has any idea what I'm describing or can at least guess at the manufacturer let me know. It'll save me some time if I just go with whats there.

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    Re: ID some under cabinet lighting

    Might be easier to provide a photo there bud.

    Where in Mass?


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      Re: ID some under cabinet lighting

      I didn't think to take a photo at the time figuring the builder would actually get back to me. Next time I'm over there I'll take a photo.


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        Re: ID some under cabinet lighting

        GE sold some hockey puck sized under cabinet lighting a few years back. They ran pretty
        hot (halogen lamps). I had bought a set and mounted them but afterward both the wife
        and I thought they were too hot and did not feel comfortable if they got left on accidentally.
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          Re: ID some under cabinet lighting

          So I did manage to find what the boxes were for. Kitchler lighting

          The top part is the box I was referring to.

          This is a friends house so I keep pushing it off in favor of other work in addition to the fact nothing involving her ends up being simple. I'm starting to think there is a reason the builder has so far avoided calling me back.

          So her kitchen layout is refrigerator cabinet over w/microwave above corner cabinet sink w/no cabinets above then a few more cabinets top and bottom.

          The corner cabinet and the one to the right of the sink are where the two boxes are. I went to see where the power for them came from(all wires in the boxes are dead) The box to the right most cabinet has 1 14/2 going to it. The box on the corner cabinet has 2 14/2's in it. I confirmed one of the wires goes between the two boxes.

          So the mystery has become where does that other wire go. It does not go to any of the switch or outlet boxes as far as I can tell. It does not go to any of the overhead cans.

          I gave up poking around and went to my shop to get a wire tracer. I get no signal at the panel. Where I do get a signal as at the cabinet between the fridge and the oven. A place it would have made sense to put another of these boxes for the lighting. I'm guessing they buried the feed and the other end of the mystery wire in the wall. Still waiting on the builder to return a call. Maybe he has a better explanation.