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3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

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  • 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

    I am not an electrician but need to find a 3 speed rotary fan switch for a wood burning stove. The rotary knob was broken off. The broken switch was probably manuafactured in the 1980s since the date on the stove is 1985. The switch manufacturer is Tower Manufacturing, and I can find no model number on the switch, but my eyesight sucks. The dimensions of this switch are apporximately 1" x 1" x 1/4". One one side of the switch are 2 black wires and on the other side a red wire and a blue wire.

    I am looking for a rotary fan control switch for an Arrow 1800A wood stove.

    The current switch is 3 speed. On one side of the existing switch is marked
    Tower Mfg Corp
    Made in USA
    Each corner is marked w/a number either 1, 2, or 3, with the remaining
    corner marked L and the wire for this goes to the power cord.

    On the other side the switch is marked
    1/4 HP 120-240 V.A.C.
    3A 240 V.A.C.
    6A 240 V.A.C. (H)
    10A 120 V.A.C. (H)
    US Patent 2813158
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    Re: 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

    Can you post the specs of the motor it controls


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      Re: 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

      Thanks for your prompt reply.
      I do not have thte specs right now and am trying to find an owner's manual for this wood burning stove, even as I type this note.


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        Re: 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

        some possibilities

        here is a link to a ACE store,

        there is one that says it is from an ACE hardware store affiliate, so my guess ACE hardware stores may carry one,
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          Re: 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

          I'm looking for the exact same switch for the exact same stove which was installed in my house when built in 1986. My switch burned out. The only retail seller for the arrow 1800 stove I've found is in Australia. Nothing in the US amazes me!
          I found the switch today on the Tower Mfg web site, but they say they only deal with Original Equipment Manufacturers. I sent them an e-mail asking for help finding someone to get it from. Will let you know what Tower says.
          It's very frustrating to not be able to find a simple rotary switch for this blower motor...and that companies won't provide replacement part to actual users!


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            Re: 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

            Check out this link I just found...

            it looks like it's exactly what I needed and I ordered two so I won't have this problem again.

            hope this helps


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              Re: 3 Speed Rotary Fan Switch

              thank you for the links
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