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another baseboard heater install question.

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  • another baseboard heater install question.

    Good day all,

    I am installing 4 base board heaters each on the 2nd and 3rd floor of my apartment building. I have a few questions:
    • Is emt the best conduit to use to run the wires on the side of my house?
    • Is uf-b 12-2 cable sufficient if so what size conduit?
    • Each heater is 6.5v, can they be installed on a 30amp breaker or should each be on a separate circuit?
    • is cost of material for running wire outside better than cost of labor having to drill and cut inside?

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    Re: another baseboard heater install question.

    I wouldn't run emt up the side of a house. A good electrician could snake the wires from the 2nd and 3rd floors to the basement where I presume the load center(s) are located.
    You cannot use UF-B inside conduit. You will have to use THHN/THWN.
    Standard baseboard heat runs at 240V and draws 250 watts per linear foot. Without knowing the size of the baseboard heat it is not possible to size the wire for you. If you are putting two units of baseboard heat in each of the two apartments, are the apartments' electricity on seperate meters? Or are you putting this on an owners's panel (load center)? We need more information.
    One other thing. I don't know about PA. but in Connecticut, multi family housing is considered commercial real estate and all electrical and plumbing work must be done by licenced tradesmen. You as the homeowner are not permitted to do this type of work yourself.
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      Re: another baseboard heater install question.

      I had similar issues... but i went to Aspect Maintenance for help and they solved it right away! Check them out, really quick and helpful
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