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Electrical conduit treads

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  • Electrical conduit treads

    I have 2 new pony dies , 1" and 2" . I am unable to get a good thread on either. The die james after about 4 threads and will not come off unless I loosen the front screws . Can it be a bad batch of pipe, or the cold weather ? Steven

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    Re: Electrical conduit treads

    It will only cut 4 threads and then jam?

    Not sure what is happening here.............couple of questions

    1. By "pony dies" do you mean drop head dies (12R) like go into a hand ratchet or 700 machine?

    2. What exactly are you threading, it wouldn't happen to be aluminum conduit would it?

    3. What kind of cutting oil are you using and is there plenty being applied.

    Make sure all of the die segments are in order...1, 2, 3, 4, if they are out of order they will surely jam and even break teeth off.



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      Re: Electrical conduit treads

      are you working it back and foth to clear trash from threads?


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        Re: Electrical conduit treads

        Hold it guys, I have run accross the exact same problem on numerous occasions.

        That conduit that is being threaded, is it Galvanised Ridgid Conduit by any chance? (The shiny stuff)