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Terminate unneeded wiring?

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  • Terminate unneeded wiring?

    I'm removing a small electric wall heater and am not sure what to do with the wire leading to it, which comes up through a hole in the floor. I'm assuming that the "correct" thing to do is to follow the wire back to wherever it branches off from a junction box, and just remove it from the junction. Unfortunately, the crawl space is *really* hard to get to in this part of the house, so I'm hoping that I can deal with the wire from above.

    If I just screw some wire nuts on the wire ends and then shove the whole mess back into the crawlspace, that's no good, right? (But it sure would be easy!) My other thought is to cut out a piece of subfloor, install a junction box on a joist, and put the wire ends (with wire nuts?) inside the box. Would that be kosher? Is there a more appropriate/easier way to deal with this?

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    Re: Terminate unneeded wiring?

    No, you should not put wire nuts on and shove them back in the hole. They must be in a junction box. You can put the j-box right where the cable comes up or try and follow it back to a spot where its less obvious.
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      Re: Terminate unneeded wiring?

      It has to be in a covered box, and the box has to be accessible, which means that you cannot bury the box opening under flooring. If the box is accessible from the crawl space, and you can do it through the floor hole, you are good to go with covering up the hole.
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