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  • Removing Aluminum wiring without damaging walls

    Okay, I'm new to this forum so tread lightly.

    My home is nearly 50 years old. Main service is through a poorly designed ITE panel box. The home runs are AL, 12 AWG, 15 amp. There are some copper runs but these are to large appliances and units.

    I want to start by pulling new copper wire through the walls, but I don't know how to do that. Home runs are trivial its getting the receptacles and switch outlets and running the new cable through them.

    Any ideas, other than cutting sections of the wall so that I can actually see what I am doing. That would get me a rather swift visit to a Patholigist for an autopsy . Translation, there is no way my wife wants the walls cut open.


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    Re: Removing Aluminum wiring without damaging walls

    Through the attic, or up from the basement.
    The wires are stapled inside the walls, so you can't use them for pull cables.

    Or you could take the chances with the wife!


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      Re: Removing Aluminum wiring without damaging walls

      some things are better left for the pro, this might be one of them..... like jbfan said through the basement or through the hot/humid/insulation filled attic.....lots of fun,and good luck... take good measurements and buy some feeler bits from the local hardware store,so you can be sure your in the walls,not in the middle of the floor...


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        Re: Removing Aluminum wiring without damaging walls

        is the aluminum wire the issue, or is it the connection from the aluminum to the switch/ outlet devise that's the real issue?

        the 12 alum. is down rated to 15 amps from the 20 of copper. could you just add new copper circuits to the areas/ kitchen as needed and keep the old

        make new connections with the proper rated devices and coat the connections with anti oxidizer

        phoebe it is