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12/2 around corner framing

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  • 12/2 around corner framing

    Im running a new circuit for my garage and ran into the problem of running wire around a corner. For various reasons, I cant go through the top plate and into the rafters, so im stuck figuring this out.

    in the corner, there are two sandwiched 2x4s on the x axis, and one 2x4 on the y-axis butted together, so imagine a 6x6 corner post. I guess I could run a 3/4 bit through each end and create a tunnel and try to fish it around a 90' bend, but I was also thinking about making a 1/2" notch on two sides and covering with nailing plates.

    I have to imagine there is a better way...what would you do?

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    Re: 12/2 around corner framing

    Thats how it is done. Create a tunnel and fish it through. Just try to stay in the center of the stud.

    good luck



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      Re: 12/2 around corner framing

      like huckster4 said drill in the centers of the 2x4s, as best you can, and if you have a fishing hook remover(in your tacklebox) grab it, they come in handy for those who do electrical work.... little trade secret..