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Wiring through attic or basement?

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  • Wiring through attic or basement?

    I have a 1970's house that has mostly aluminum wiring, and I am working on rerunning copper circuits one at a time.

    In 1970, all wires were run from the panel in the basement, up a single channel to the attic and spread out to various points then dropped back down through walls. The basement however, is full height, so im wondering why would someone prefer to go through the attic vs the basement?

    personally, its hot as @#$% up there at the moment, and id rather run my branches via the basement...I have full access to all joists, etc. But at the same time, if it was done for a reason, then id like to know and Ill follow suit.



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    Re: Wiring through attic or basement?

    maybe they were hobbits and could stand up in the attic. code wise it's a wash. if it was me i would do as i pleased. breid...........


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      Re: Wiring through attic or basement?

      I agree. Run your new circuits from the basement up. Maybe you could use an old AL cable and pull a larger cable and set a sub panel down there, or even move the service to the basement. What ever is easiest and compliant.
      You could have a panel in the basement and the house. Your possibilities are endless.

      Note: You still might want some ceiling fixtures.
      Licensed Electrician