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10 AWG extension cords for computers

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    Re: 10 AWG extension cords for computers

    Guys thanks again for the "advice". There is no need to battle over this... I am inexperienced in this area which is why i'm asking questions. I had already spent plenty of google time searching for answers and was not successful, that is why I posted here.

    I would not do any changes without the landlords permissions and without having a licensed electrician do it.

    The house does not have an outlet for the 50A range. I don't have the money for an electrician to come out to install one, nor do I have the cash for the power distribution center or "spider box". I am having those joining this gaming party go out and buy a 50' 10/3 extension cord. I think this will be quite sufficient for the time being.

    Again thanks for all the advice... and I take it as such. No one can be held accountable in a online discussion forum, people are responsible for their own actions.