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I dream of a closet washer/dryer

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  • I dream of a closet washer/dryer


    I'm new here.

    I live in Brooklyn, NY and I want to convert a closet to a laundry "room". It's needs to be widened and I hope to bring out the front by a few inches (at least 30").

    The building in which I live is over a subway and there are a lot of mice that come up to the building. I had to steel wool, caulk, and plaster especially this closet. I used to hear them inside the wall gnawing to get in anytime I cooked. Recently this has stopped since I found the smallest opening and plugged it.

    Anywhoo, I know, I'm long winded. My question is since I'll have to knock out the interior of the walls in the closet first for electrical and plumbing is it possible to reinforce the dry wall by adding something like a metal sheet to the inside of the bottom portion of the walls to keep the mice from getting in? I don't want them getting another way in and me not being able to move a stackable washer/dryer by myself or the pain of having to wonder and check. Would the metal sheet interfere with the electrical workings?

    And how far does the electrical outlets have to be from the plumbing work? There's a regular 120v outlet on the outside of the closet and I'd have to add a 240v outlet for the dryer which would have to be on the inside of the closet.

    I'm hoping this is all doable b/c I'm tired of laundrymats.

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    Re: I dream of a closet washer/dryer

    the electrical, and mice are the least of your problems.

    has a plumber confirmed that they can run the waste and vent for the drain along with a dryer vent? the water is not an issue and neither is the electrical.

    i'm sure theres a way to seal off the walls from mice.

    before you start tearing into things better make sure the plumbing is doable

    phoebe it is


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      Re: I dream of a closet washer/dryer

      Thanks for replying.

      No I hadn't had a plumber really look into it yet. But I did mention wanting it to be done to a plumber who worked on another problem w/ the kitchen sink and he didn't rule it out.

      The closet is a little less than 3 ft away from my kitchen sink (it's a kitchenette). I wouldn't think it would be a problem running pipes through the wall to the closet, even for the drain. The drain under the sink already has a t joint (I guess that's what it's called) it's just plugged off on the other end.

      I don't know how a draining system could connect to the closet vertically without running it under the floor. I'm hoping it can be done without doing this since I don't want to take up any flooring. Which also has me wondering if a drain would be necessary under the washer. I'll put a pan under the washer but I want to be assured in case of an overflow all that water won't flood the floor. Can a drain be created under the washer that connects to the drain for the washer hose? There's already a hole in the back of the closet so I thought I could put a drain there.

      Since that t joint is above the floor I'm guessing that it could all be done above the floor, with the exception of that floor drain. I dunno I'm not a plumber but it just looks like it could be done. lol

      As for the dryer vent. Well that's another obstacle. I see they do have dryers where vents aren't needed otherwise I was going to do the indoor vent thing -- vent into a container of water. And to save space, possibly install one of those hose thingys that is housed within the wall as long as the hose can run out on the other side of the wall (I plan to keep a space open in the back of the close that I could get to for water shut off and hoses etc).

      I hope this all make sense to you.


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        Re: I dream of a closet washer/dryer

        the plugged off tee you spotted is most likely a cleanout for the kitchen sink drain. connecting to that cleanout is not legal, and it will most likely create an issue with your sink.

        problem with a laundry drain is it pumps out the most water in the least amount of time. the kitchen is also the dirtiest waste line in entire system.

        you being on the first floor is also an issue as typically the lowest unit on the line is the most susceptible to overflows.

        unless the laundry is put on it's own properly installed line, you will have issues, if not now, then soon enough.

        have the plumber look and see if it can be done properly. if not, think twice about doing it wrong.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: I dream of a closet washer/dryer

          Thank you Plummer Rick for taking the time with me.

          Hmmm, the kitchen is the dirtiest waste line? I woulda thought the bathroom, like the toilet.

          Well that's great then! I'll have some dirty clothes water to match!

          You're exactly right about the lowest unit on the line being the most susceptible to overflows that's already happened. How'd you know I was on the first floor? Aren't those Tee joints in every unit?

          Couldn't this properly installed line be connected to the waste line already for the sink? That was my plan if I couldn't connect to that tee joint under the sink and as you told me that's illegal. Oh don't worry I wouldn't even attempt to do any of this myself I'll get a licensed plumber. Heck if I tried any of this the walls would remain opened to the end of next year and I wouldn't have any plumbing in the kitchen. lol And no way I want mice getting in for sure.

          I'm just trying to get an idea if it's all possible and what to expect. I want to draw up some plans for the plumber and carpenter to follow.

          If my stackable washer/dryer can't be put in the closet then I'd just have to put them right next to my kichen sink and have the hose directly empty there then move my fridge on the other side of the room. (something I really don't want to do)

          As you can see I really want this to happen and I'll find a way.