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4 wire oven 3 wire circuit

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  • 4 wire oven 3 wire circuit

    I am replacing a double wall oven in my house (built 1994). Have removed the old oven and found that it was wired with 3 wires and not 4. The cable from the fuse panel to the oven is #6 SE (Aluminum) with 2 insulated conductors and one uninsulated. The white and the ground from the old oven were tied to the uninsulated conductor and the 2 hots from the oven (red and black) were tied to the insulated conductors. The breaker is 40A. The connections were made with split bolts and a lot of neatly wrapped tape, and appeared to be corrosion free.
    I know that current code will not allow a shared ground neutral, but it is grandfathered in for service replacements as long as the circuit is not being moved or extended. How dangerous is this, as it has worked fine for 16 years? I don't really want to entertain the idea of running a new wire back to the panel unless it is absolutely necessary, as the basement is fully finished with sheetrock/plaster skim ceilings. What are the opinions on leaving the 3 wire service in place?
    Is there a better connector than the split bolts? The ones that were used had an isolation bar between the 2 conductors and look good enough to use again. There is no evidence of a corrosion inhibitor being applied unless it has just dried up. Recommendations? Thanks in advance! Jim

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    Re: 4 wire oven 3 wire circuit

    It is allowed and safe.
    The isolation bar keeps the AL and copper apart, so if no corrosion is visable, then reuse them.


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      Re: 4 wire oven 3 wire circuit

      Went in, works like a champ! The only installation difficulty was the fact that the cabinet opening width was 1/2 inch wider than the old one. Trying not to make a mess, I handsawed the first side and got tired. Skil sawed the second side in under a minute! Oak sure does get hard in 16 years!
      Thanks again,