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Question about basement wiring

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  • Question about basement wiring

    Hi. My basement is wired incorrectly (I think). I have a 20A circuit that goes first to an ordinary outlet, then to a GFCI outlet where its protected (GFCI'd) line is branched to an ordinary outlet for the sump pump, and then an ordinary outdoor outlet.

    I'd like to revise this. I'm thinking that I'd want the GFCI first, and then branch its protected line that to an ordinary outlet for the sump pump and the outdoor outlet. However...

    My concern about branching this to the outdoors could mean that an exterior GFCI trip event could render my sump pump without power. So maybe I could use a junction box to split the circuit from the panel into 2 branches: one branch goes to a GFCI outlet for the sump pump, and the other branch would go to a separate GFCI outlet whose protected line goes outdoors. Can one circuit have 2 parallel GFCI circuits?

    Also, what is "code" for the outlet height in a basement? Is it different for finished versus unfinished? I'm pretty certain (please confirm) that basements and outdoors both need to have a GFCI first in line so everything downstream is protected.


    Edit: Another option would be to have a new dedicated 15A circuit going to a single receptacle (not duplex) for the sump pump. Then the current circuit could go to the GFCI and its protected line can go outdoors. Better?
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    Re: Question about basement wiring

    The sump pump is already at the mercy of the outside receptacle( If I read it right)

    One thing you can do, is install gfci's at every location, with the feed going to the line side only.
    Then the gfci being used would trip and not the entire basement.
    No height requirments that I know of.


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      Re: Question about basement wiring

      First of all I would go ahead and put the sump pump on a separate circuit with a single receptacle. There's no sense in risking tripping a GFI on a sump circuit. Sure as heck it would fail just when you need it. Second I would correct the other circuit and put the GFI as the first outlet in the circuit, that way all other receptacles in basement and outside are protected as they should be. Height of outlets in basement do not need to be any certain height, just use common sense. Just don't put them so low that if your basement happened to backup with water that they would be covered.