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Two unrelated questions

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  • Two unrelated questions

    Not sure if both of these questions can be answered here--

    1. Long ago, after a thunderstorm, the outside outlets to my townhouse stopped working. We never got someone to look at it -- just wondering if it is something I could try to fix myself?

    2. My Kenmore electrical range, with ceramic smooth top, has a light that glows whenever one or more of the burners is on. Even when all the burners are off, the light is still on. Is there an easy do-it-yourself fix to this problem? The range is more than 5 years old and out of warranty.


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    Re: Two unrelated questions

    #1 Look for a tripped gfci receptacle somewhere in the house or garage.

    #2 On my stove the lit stays on to remind you that you still have a hot surface.


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      Re: Two unrelated questions

      Each of the outlets themselves may have a tiny reset button on them.

      My outdoor outlets are controlled by a light switch. Your switch just might be off.

      Never had a electric stove so can't help you there


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        Re: Two unrelated questions

        Thanks. The stove light has several lights -- one indicating a burner is on and others indicating a burner is still hot. The one indicating a burner is on wouldn't turn off, but it did the next day. Seems like faulty wiring inside the stove but at this point, will wait to see if it keeps doing it (stove is 5 years old).

        I'll look at the electric outlets and for a switch.