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Grounding a sub panel

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  • Grounding a sub panel

    I'm looking to add a sub panel in my garage which is detached & about 50' away from the house.
    I know the ground & neutral need to be isolated in the sub panel, but do I need to run a separate equipment ground (green wire) back to the main house panel also? or can I install a ground rod at the garage & run the sub panel ground to that?

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    Re: Grounding a sub panel

    Ask the local inspector what he wants. You can get varying answers. Sometimes it's run three wires and put in separate grounding for the garage. Sometimes it's run 4 wires with no separate grounding. Sometimes it's both.


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      Re: Grounding a sub panel

      If you are under the 2008 code, then you need both, a ground wire back to the main panel and a ground rod at the garage!


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        Re: Grounding a sub panel

        My 35 Lb. Makita Jack Hammer Loves to run ground rods in fast !
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .