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Quick question on wiring a compressor.

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  • Quick question on wiring a compressor.

    I've done my fair share of wiring but I'm by no means an expert. So I'm hoping someone can confirm that my plan is a sound one and that I'm on the right track.

    I bought a mid sized compressor that I will be wiring. Here's the specs on the compressor's motor:
    230V, 16 FLA, 60hz, Phase 1

    The compressor will be located in the garage next to a sand blasting cabinet. Currently in the garage I have only one 220 feed that powers a dryer. The wire in place is 10-2 wire (black-Hot, white-Hot and bare-Ground) on a 30 amp breaker. The receptacle in the wall is currently a NEMA 10-30.

    My plan is this, pull a new 10-3 wire (black - H, red - H, white - N, green - G) on a 30 amp breaker to the garage for the dryer. Then install a new NEMA 14-30 receptacle for the dryer and then put on a new NEMA 14-30 pigtail on the dryer.

    Then with the old 10-2 wire (that used to power the dryer) I will use it to power the compressor. My question is what type of receptacle should i install with the compressor. I also want to have a cut off switch for the compressor (which I believe is code). Or should I just hard wire the 10-2 wire to the compressor with a cutoff switch wired in between them? Oh and should I drop the breaker at the panel down to a 20amp for the compressor feed?


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    Re: Quick question on wiring a compressor.

    Your Idea sounds great. The dryer should have 4 wires to meet today's codes anyway. You can use the old 10-2 for the compressor. I would put a double pole switch rated 20A as a shut off for the compressor and hard wire it. You should change the breaker to a 20A as long as it holds up under start. it should. OR... you can buy a 2 gang mini CB box and connect the 10-2 to the line side and install a 20A breaker in it and then hard wire the compressor and use it as a shut off and leave the 30A in the main panel. Either way should be fine.


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      Re: Quick question on wiring a compressor.

      Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply! Off to the supply house I go!