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Running cables inside concrete block wall?

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  • Running cables inside concrete block wall?

    I am getting ready to start work on fixing up the finished basement recreation room in my house, and have run into many surprises and issues left by the previous owners and their remodeling. The basement is dry with no flooding or surface water penetration, and no mold or mustyness. I hope to fix up the electrical without needing to disturb the finished walls that now exist. I plan to pull permits, but want to get my "ducks in order" before visiting the inspectors, or at least know what my option might be...

    At issue are several matters involving outlets and switches burried inside the dry interior cinder block partition walls. Currently, these are wired using NM cable which is run INSIDE the voids in the blocks, and up into the joist area. The old system was built before grounding was required, but I want to have REAL grounds, GFIC protection, and the piece of mind of knowing that everything is properly installed to todays code requirements. To do this, I must of course run new wiring to these outlets and switches. Can I fish a new grounded UF cable through the same voids, or will I have to do something else? I think UF might be appropriate in the event the basement were to not stay dry into the future.

    The second issue is the number of outlets and wall space requirements. Should I plan on being told by the inspectors that I must install extra outlets to meet current distance to outlet and/or minimum wall space with/without an outlet? I do not consider this really a big issue, since I hardly ever plug anything in to the existing outlets anyway, and would prefer to let the distance issues grandfather back to what is already there.